How we cultivate hops

From the Hallertau to destinations around the world


At the Hopcenter in Eja near Pfaffenhofen in the Hallertau, hops are cultivated over an area of 54 hectares. Thus, we are among the 20 largest hop growers. At our facility, we grow approximately 200,000 hop plants per year, which are cared for in the fields for months. They have to be and trained up the lead by hand. We currently supply the international market with these hops.


  • Perle
  • Tradition
  • Saphir
  • Hersbrucker
  • Herkules
  • Bavaria Mandarina



Those who successfully cultivate hops, have to be fully committed to the task and must put their hearts and souls into it. This is the reason we are fascinated by the demanding “green gold” and also what motivates us to dedicate our lives to hops.


Over many generations, we have perfected our knowledge and skills with regard to hop cultivation, harvesting and processing. Today we operate the most modern harvesting center in the world. Our innovative technology includes many proprietary procedures and techniques developed here in-house which ensure that we always deliver hops of a consistently high quality. This reliability makes us a trusted partner to leading international merchants.

Our Innovation

High performance technology and equipment


We use modern picking machines in the field and purpose-built, energy-efficient picking, cleaning and drying machines for optimal handling and processing of this delicate commodity. Built in 2009, our production hall, 13 meters in height with a floor space of 2,100 m², houses the most modern equipment for processing hop cones in the world, all in one building.


  • a hop harvesting machine with a yield of up to 1,200 hop bines/hour
  • new, proprietary procedure for cleaning hop cones based on compressed air
  • hop drying equipment with a volume of 80 m² spanning three levels – the largest kiln built to date by the manufacturer Wolf
  • four conditioning chambers for uniform and fully automatic moisture distribution
  • automatic, centrally controlled irrigation of all hop fields, 120 km in length with an hourly flow rate of 50 m³
  • all processing operations are computer-controlled


Innovative technology at the Hopcenter in the Hallertau enables us to process the hops gently and economically and is in keeping with our customers’ quality requirements. This technology ensures that we are able to reliably supply notable contract partners.